Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Days 2 - 4 of the Georgia Snowpocalypse!

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Since so many enjoyed our recap of Day 1, I thought we'd continue the Saga of the Surette Snowpocalypse Survival:

Day 2: Today we're sledding down the hill on the left side of the backyard (left if you are standing on the back porch contemplating the situation...)  The roads are slushy, but due to the sleet and freeze the snow has a good film of ice on it.  So C tried to go down the natural slope, only to discover that in reality, the ice had a totally different idea.  "Mom!" she says, "Come sled!"  So out goes Mommy sucked into her ski bib, jacket, good snow gloves, scarf, hat, hood, hiking boots, and sixteen different layers beneath.  Oh my word!  Sledding is AWESOME!  And guess what - that blubber comes in handy again!  I shoot down that hill like I'm heading for the checkered flag at Nascar (very fast, northerners, and one of the few straight-aways)!  I managed to stop by putting my hands out and digging into the snow just before slamming face-first into the small stand of trees behind our house.

So C and I are having fun, taking turns, but she decides taking turns is boring.  So just as I'm about to go down for the fourth or fifth time, she leaps onto my back, and away we go!  Turns out, the best sled in the house is...mommy!!  We went down and up and down and up for at least an hour!  I'm exhausted and sore, but it was so much fun!!!  Right now (6pm) DH and C are outside trying to sled (ha!  Skinny people sledding), the babies are waking up from a nap, and I'm off to cook dinner!

Days 3 & 4: I apologize for no update for yesterday, but I have good reasons.  For one thing, our resident techie can't get his desktop computer to talk with his work network.  In fact, the only computer that will talk with the network is MY laptop, and he's been on nearly non-stop since Tuesday evening...I love my hubby, I do, but I must admit, having him return to work today was kind of nice...VERY nice...Every day Mommy needs some time to herself.  She needs to think, relax, breath, pretend she's not going slowly insane...

Yesterday the human sled was too tired and sore to go outside and play, so C played on her own.  She was warned to go to the bathroom before getting dressed, got all of her clothing on, and then a small voice said, "I have to go to the bathroom..."  That was a close one!  She went outside and played on the ice-crusted snow, which consisted of walking three steps, falling face first, and then rolling around a while.  She was soaked when she came in!  She spent over an hour doing this!  She comes inside, strips off bib suit, jacket, gloves, boots, scarf, hat, one pair of pants, two pairs of socks, sweatshirt, and shirt.  She's standing in her undershirt, one pair of pants, and bottom layer of socks, and she says, "I thought it would be warmer in here."  Hmmmmm.....

The babies, meanwhile, are not pleased with conditions.  Last week I had started trying to train them to walk to the bus stop to get C.  I have these little leashes attached to soft, plush backpacks.  A monkey for B, and Piglet for A.  They are incredibly apropos, I promise you.  The girls LOVE their backpacks, and in fact will carry them to me, DH, or C and thrust them into our faces, babbling until we put them on their backs.  They reach over their shoulders to grab the face of the animal and hug it constantly.  So we go down to C's bus stop, two babies going in opposite directions and Mommy attempting to herd them.  It's like herding cats, but with less scratching.  Everyone slows down to watch this site, smiling, waving, laughing, and honking their horns, which causes the babies to fall over.  Fortunately their little butts are incredibly padded, and they are quite adept at picking themselves up.  Any wonder I allot at least 10 minutes to go 2/10 of a mile?  On the weekends we go out as a family, Mommy with one leash, Daddy with the other, and Big'ster as bait for the chase.

So I mention all of this to explain that the babies are REALLY unhappy with being cooped up inside.  So today I decide to take them out for a walk.  I know there is snow and ice, but between two fussy babies and a chatterbox Kindergartener who has been out all week (and will not return to school until Tuesday), we NEED out.  So on goes the winter accoutrements, which only adds to the stress as it takes 15 minutes per person, on go the backpacks, and out go the babies...to fall on their butts, sliding off of the front step, down the little walkway, and half way down the driveway...and back inside go two yowling toddlers,one overly-excited nearly 6 year-old, and a very desperate Mommy.  We peeled everything off and ate lunch.  When we finished, the babies began saying, "Ni-ni! Ni-ni! Ni-ni!" repeatedly.  Apparently they were very ready for that nap!

So we sit here, C doing "homework" and Mommy finally getting to use her laptop.  It's the simple things...Soon C will go for her afternoon rest, and Mommy will clean, because it's what she lives to do *sigh*.  Daddy hopefully will be able to make it back DOWN the hill.  The county said they were going to sand our ONE AND ONLY neighborhood entrance/exit road on Wednesday morning...and we're still waiting...we'll wait until Hell freezes...oh...uh-oh...

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