Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bragging on my DH

Posted on Facebook on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 10:33pm
I have to brag on my DH and tell you all about my birthday.  First of all, he planned not one, but TWO surprise outings for me!!  This is a man who in the past was lucky to remember to get cupcakes or something before coming home to the meal I cooked.  The closest he did was to pick a restaurant for me and get my family to come back when I was pregnant with the twins.  He acted as though he'd killed the cow himself and built the table with his own bare hands.  So this year, being my 35th birthday, I set my sights low.  Dinner with the family, perhaps a family movie night...not much...

First, he contacts one of my friends in the multiples club, Jen Maise, and asks her to help him plan a girls' night out for my actual birthday.  She tells me that we have a budget meeting for the club on the night of my birthday.  She's good, too, 'cause not only do I believe her, I complain about having a budget meeting ON MY BIRTHDAY, and actually re-write my budget.  I show up to the Chili's, where she informs me, "SURPRISE!  There's no budget meeting tonight!  Let's go to Benihana."  It was so yummy!  Then we poked about B&N - what fun!  I have to say here there were a number of wonderful women in on this surprise who, due to life intervening, were not able to attend but gave me a lovely card.  There's nothing better than knowing friends you love and respect appreciate you, too!!  Not to mention all of you lovelies who posted on my wall.  I tell you, it's a wonder my head still fits through the doors!

So there you go, my b'day is celebrated.  Perhaps a little dinner with my family, and we're done, right?  Not so.  One of the major things I wanted to do tonight is SEE THE LAST HARRY POTTER.  I mean, come on, it comes out the day after my b'day.  Clearly, I'm meant to see this!!  I hinted to my club (no one bit), I hinted to a couple of friends...no one.  My DH informed me, "You cannot go see this with anyone but ME!"  Great...that means I'll be seeing it on DVD.  It's not like we have much luck finding babysitters, and my parents are out of town for a while.  Grumble grumble grumble.

Friday night he makes this BIG to-do that we HAVE to watch Deathly Hallows Part 1.  It's almost ridiculous the fuss he makes.  He says, "Somehow I'm going to get you to the theater, and when I do, I want to remember what happened in part 1."  Yeah yeah...We're halfway through the movie, and he says, "Man, that's amazing - can you imagine what it's going to look like on the big screen tomorrow?"  I freeze.  He freezes.  "I'm sorry, tomorrow?  What are we doing tomorrow? WHAT ARE WE DOING TOMORROW?!?!?"  He hangs his head, "I can't believe our six year old kept this secret better than me."

So it turns out my DH also arranged for his sister and my brother to come down Saturday and have lunch with us (chicken slow-cooked in salsa for chicken tacos - YUM!).  He sends me out shopping around 1pm (yes, BY MYSELF, WOOHOO, WITH MONEY).  He and C stay home to decorate.  My bro comes over early and helps C decorate, which consists of her telling him where to put the streamers and then dancing around while he hangs the streamers.  Not a bad job, if I do say so myself.  His sister comes, we eat lunch, and have gifts and cupcakes.  Then DH and I dash out the door, leaving SIL in charge of the kids, to see the LAST HARRY POTTER.  AAAAAH!!  It was AWESOME!!  SO GOOD!!  Sad that it's over, though.  We had a great time afterwards just poking around the Avenues and being on a date night.  TWO (mostly) surprise parties!!

Since I'm bragging, allow me to brag on me, too.  A little over a month ago I learned I was insulin resistant and on my way to type 2 diabetes.  What sucks is that all my life I've known I'm predisposed.  But between my last pregnancy and my HORRIBLE diet, I put myself on the track.  So I cut out sugar and cut back on carbs.  It's not easy, but I've been doing my best.  In fact, I was in this REALLY good ice cream store not too long ago, and I managed to ask for the sugar free section of ice cream.  I thought some of the women around me were going to fall over - "Sugar free?  Who would ask for that here?!?"  They didn't know, and I can't blame them - I'd rather go full sugar!  But I've been good.  So while I was shopping, I realized I had already dropped a size (WOOHOO!).  One of the gifts C picked out (and INSISTED I HAD to have) was a beautiful dress that was two sizes too small.  Yes, I know, at least they went small.  Tonight, after we get home, C says, "You just GOTTA try on that dress.  PLEASE?!?!?"  Oh shoot, I mean, it's TWO SIZES too small.  But I think, "Well, it's a bit stretchy, so hopefully I won't bust the seams..."  I put it on...I look in the mirror...DH stares at me with his jaw dropped...and C says smugly, "See, I TOLD you it would fit!!!"  Pass the splenda, please!

I guess I reenter the real world, but at least I do so one size smaller (two in some styles!).

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