Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Albuterol = Epiphanies!

Albuterol really amps up the twins! Their new favorite activity right after taking it is to run laps around the island in the kitchen, reciting their favorite scenes from Curious George or having conversations. Usually Twin B is the narrator & human, and Twin A is Hundley (the dog) or George (a monkey).  Should it worry me that she's so good at imitating animals?  I choose to believe that they retain this information due to their astounding memories, and NOT due to the fact that they get 30 minutes of TV a day...

Sometimes, as they are trotting in circles, they prefer to have conversations.  Here is one such example:  
Twin A: "God loves me." 
Twin B: "God loves me, too."
A: "NO!! God loves ME, not you!"
B: "God loves ME!! ME!! ME!!"
A:...."God loves me AND you???"
B: "Yes!"
A: "God loves us...but he doesn't make us breakfast." 
B (sadly): "Yeah..." (Brightens up) "Mommy loves us!"

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