Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vet your child's wish to Santa!

We have a favorite Santa we love to see each year.  He's awesome.  In fact, he's the Santa who gave C the coin after the fireworks in the other story.  However, tonight I was remembering another time we saw this Santa.  A very fateful, and as it turns out, auspicious trip. 

C was 3 1/2 years old, and it's a weekend in December.  I had just found out a few days before I was pregnant, and we were pretty happy.  We asked C what she wanted for Christmas, and she had a few ideas...I can't remember what, but they were pretty standard for a 3 year old.  So we get to Santa, take the pic, and he says, "What would you like Santa to bring, little girl?"  She ponders this a moment, silently contemplating a range of options, and says, "I really want....little sisters." 

I'm sorry?  Wha....You can see the shock and confusion on Santa's face.  He's eyeing me sideways and sweating a bit.  Seriously, how does he answer this?  "Ummmm...well, that's not up to me...."  So I step in to rescue Santa.  "Don't worry, Santa, we've got that covered."  I pat my belly.  He looks relieved.  "Well, little girl, we'll see what we can do, but I don't think any little sister or brother will come by Christmas." 

"No, Santa, I want little sisterSSS," she says, stressing the "s."  Little sisters?  I look at my DH, he looks at me.  Uhhh...hmmm...we didn't necessarily PLAN on having any more kids...So Santa hastily offers her a candy cane and shoves her off towards us.  Can you blame the man?  How the heck is he supposed to handle this?  My DH and I aren't sure how to handle it!

It's January, the Monday night before I go in for my ultrasound.  DH and I are excitedly discussing the baby (I was sure we were having a boy).  He looks at me and says, "Heck, let's have twins!  That way we'll have a big family and get it all over with."  I'm sorry, who is this WE business, buddy?  I'm the one who has to carry these.  Twin boys?  No way!!  I am not sure if I can keep up with one!

So it's Tuesday morning, and we're off to the ultrasound.  The tech looks at my belly and says, "You are kind of big for 10 weeks, you know."  So I've gained weight!  Thanks a lot!  Don't you know you get bigger faster the second time around?  I lay down, and look!  There's the baby.  Oh, so cute!  We buzz around the little one.  At 10 weeks we can't know the sex yet, but we can enjoy seeing our child look like...well...a child.  Then she flips the wand to the other side...Startled, I blurt out, "Was that another head?!?" 

DH looks at me, I look at him, blank mirrors of shock.  The tech responds, "Yeah, didn't you know that?  Why else would your uterus be so big at 10 weeks?"  She sees our faces, and says, "Oh...ummm...yes, you're having twins..."  GEEEAAAAAAGH!!!  I tell friends and family.  Everyone is overjoyed, except for one friend, who responds, "Holy S&%$!"  THANK YOU!!  That was exactly what I was thinking!!!

We come home and tell C the news.  She calmly replies, "Of course you're having twins.  I told Santa I wanted little sisterSSSS."  By now we're starting to think again, and I say, "Sweetie, what if you are having little brothers?  Or a sister and a brother."  Smugly she returns to eating her snack.  Hmmm...I'm just hoping she won't be disappointed.  Over a couple of weeks I finally convince her to consider the possibility of at least one brother. 

Two weeks later we're at the perinatalogist.  Once again it's ultrasound time, but fortunately we're better prepared for what we're about to see.  This time C is there, along with Gama.  The pictures on the TV aren't very interesting to her, and she's more concerned about whether or not she'll get a sticker at the end of this.  The tech says, "Do we want to know the sex?"  At 12 weeks?  Is that even possible?  C says, "Yes, I want to know about my little sisters."  The tech looks at her, stunned, looks at me, and says, "You already knew they were girls?"  My jaw drops.  C says, "Well, that's what I asked Santa to bring me, even if it was after Christmas." 

"Are you sure they are girls?" I ask.  "It's so early in the pregnancy."  The tech points to the screen, indicating genitalia.  "If they were boys, there would be something there," she replies.  "Definitely girls."  I look at my crestfallen DH.  In a small voice, he asks, "But...what about my boy?"  We all sit in silence, then tartly I respond, "Honey, when you can carry it, you can have whatever you want!" 

So long story short, the point is this: Be VERY certain you know what your kids will ask of Santa for Christmas.  He's a heck of a lot more powerful than you may realize! 

Oh, and I'm taking my eldest to buy lottery tickets...

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