Thursday, April 17, 2014

November 2013's forgotten conversation

Conversation in the twins' room:
A: B, are you awake?
B: No.
A: But you are talking.
B: No, I'm sleeping. I'm not talking anymore.
A: But I HEAR you talking!
B: No, you don't. It's a lost mind. Your mind got lost.
A: Oh do I find it?
B: With Loretta. (that's what we call our GPS)
A: Oh....Are you still asleep?
B: No...I'm worried about your mind.
A: Can the PPS (UPS) man bring another?
B: Yeah! Ask Mommy to order one on her 'puter!
A: Mommy! MOMMY!!
Mommy can't answer...she's laughing too hard...

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