Sunday, February 10, 2013


We were trying to get ready for our annual club Valentine Day party when Twin B suddenly announces, "Mommy, we're going to play flipple."
"Flipple, huh?"  I say quizzically.  "What is flipple."
"It's played outside.  Basketball is played inside.  This is not Basketball.  It is Flipple.  Me and Twin A will play it.  You will watch.  You will watch on TV."
", how do you play?"
"I will have a purple shirt.  It will have the letter B on it.  It will have a big number on the back."
"What number, honey?"
"Number 3 1/2.  Twin A will have a pink shirt.  It will have an A on it."
"OK...will it have a number?"
"Of COURSE, Mommy.  It will have the same number!"  DUH MOM!
"Oh, well, yes...that's nice.  And we'll watch this on TV?"
"Yes.  During the Super Bowl."
OHHHHHHH, OK, I get it...
"What is the Super Bowl?"  Now I'm just busting her buttons.
"It's where you eat SOUP," she says with a touch of asperity in her voice.  "We will play.  If we do good, there will be funny shows.  If we don't do'll be bored."
"Shows?  You mean commercials?"
"Yes!  'Mershels.  Funny ones are for when we are doing good."
"I hope you always do good.  Are you the only ones who play?"
"No...C will play.  She will wear blue.  Her number will be 7 1/2."
"Cool!  Can I play?"
" have ta eat soup....Daddy will play.  He will wear green."
"Does he have a number?"
If she was a teenager she would have been rolling her eyes by now...
"Ye-ES!  It's 10!"
"Who will win?"
Silence...this had not been part of the original equation...
"The dragon."

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